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02:19 am confine-controller Revision a9353921a1bec728e98d6c3ac9dc866bcf2037e2: Move CLEAN_ORPHAN_FILES to conf/
Due to import order this settings was always overrided with
default value, so `controller.delete_orphan_files` couldn...


06:03 pm confine-controller Bug #689 (Resolved): Use pip from PyPI instead of APT
Fixed and tested, thanks!
06:02 pm confine-controller Bug #688 (Resolved): Debian Jessie has no libjpeg8 and libjpeg62-dev
Fixed and tested, thanks for the patch proposal and reporting!
06:01 pm confine-controller Bug #691 (Closed): Ping app depends on iputils-ping
Checked to work! Closing the issue.
06:00 pm confine-controller Bug #687 (Resolved): setupnginx does not disable default site
Solved and tested, thanks!
05:45 pm confine-controller Revision df69664dc3ad36efe61c0d04a049c9476a3109de: Released version 1.0.2
05:43 pm confine-controller Revision be62385aaf84c6de8c5056a13574ae62e2460d90: Remove workarounds #687, #688, #689, #691.
05:40 pm confine-controller Revision e2b96f219d4ca7d94f08be34a8bd7a953da51adf: Symbolic links are not needed anymore. refs #688
05:40 pm confine-controller Revision d13557f2ec91958319cdbdb966434ba5bf1b9c98: Debian Jessies has no libjpeg8 and libjpeg62-...
05:40 pm confine-controller Revision af751cd4e6fe1a34e155519b745d8a4d09a49835: Restart uwsgi & nginx to apply new config and ...

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