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10:42 am confine-controller Revision 05b4ade8d8f322e1368734c7566e73fbf934a37c: Allow vlan tagged community and direct interfaces


03:39 pm Confine Bug #90: Debug interfaces in slivers are ignored
Just finished compiling and deploying a new image. Debug-Interfaces are fixed!


03:10 pm Confine Feature #635: Warn or stop when upgrading nodes in use
Axel Neumann wrote:
> I think the script should be compatible with attitude-adjustment (current master) based CNS.
03:07 pm Confine Bug #431 (In Progress): confine.remote-upgrade fails to mount overlay after upgrade
I just did a test with a current "testing branch" (barrier breaker) node... using confine.remote broke the node, it d...


02:28 pm Confine Revision 84d759e0f7240f1dd34978e211efb1255b86cf7a: Update dlep version to OONF master
08:33 am Confine Revision 880cb6f00e0a0ff54054ce573d7522c7c366d240: Bind dlep_proxy telnet ipv6 to private bridge


03:22 pm Confine Revision 9e78b447d8c2371bd40bf1cb6d2eec7f47507c70: Use only one CPU when compiling node firmware ...
02:41 pm Confine Revision 46cc2874a2fd3cf21b62e8aaa073be6e63ee3981: Move dlep config generation to dlep package an...
12:59 pm Confine Revision 648b511370db3a8598073a76ed233fef39da749f: Backport of openvswitch-2.3.1/libatomic-1.0.0 ...
09:35 am Confine Feature #654: Allow Research nodes to download the latest firmware over the management network
More feedback...
I just compiled a new base-image with a new OpenVSwitch version and tried to upgrade a node from ...

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