Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer

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Reported issues: 185


09:13 am Confine Bug #431 (Closed): confine.remote-upgrade fails to mount overlay after upgrade
Closing after release 2016-11-16.
09:13 am Confine Bug #228 (Closed): confine.remote-upgrade preserve files that cause errors
Closing after release 2016-11-16.


11:44 am Confine Bug #679 (Closed): Bad JSON pointer in error about resources
Fair enough. Closing issue.
11:41 am Confine Bug #164 (Rejected): [Security] Fork bomb attack
Included into #600.
11:41 am Confine Bug #600: CPU, memory, I/O isolation in slivers
This should also cover processes (#164).
11:37 am Confine Bug #118 (Closed): Node daemon crashes when server returns unexpected responses
Looks like this issue should be closed. @:P@
11:35 am Confine Bug #548 (Closed): sliver data lost over node reboot
Probably solved, no more complaints. Closing issue.
11:34 am Confine Bug #596 (Closed): Firmware has a vulnerable NTP configuration
Better keep the nodes up to date. Closing issue.
11:33 am Confine Bug #605 (Closed): Compiled firmware fails to boot the node properly
Probably fixed, no more complains. Closing issue.
11:31 am Confine Bug #625 (Closed): uhttpd(2) problem with python generated certificate
Done a while ago, closing issue.

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