The Virtual CONFINE Testbed (VCT) provides an environment to quickly create a virtual network of CONFINE nodes with the follwing objectives:

  • become familiar with confine-dist
  • test and facilitate development of software and components
  • emulate virtual topologies (to be done, currently all nodes are connected to all others)
  • prepare experiments for CONFINE networks
  • extend/increase real confine network (testbed) with emulated links

This is achieved through virtualization of CONFINE hardware and networks using virsh/qemu and other Linux virtualization tools.

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Git Repository

Developer URL

  • gitosis@git.confine-project.eu:confine/confine-vct.git
  • https://username@git.confine-project.eu/confine/confine-vct.git

Read-Only URL

  • http://git.confine-project.eu/confine/confine-vct.git