Large-scale integrating project (IP):
Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet

Details of our work in the project wiki.

Confine Project Custom OpenWrt firmware for CONFINE nodes (plus utilities like VCT), and main container for generic CONFINE issues.

confine-controller The CONFINE web control panel and server REST API provider.

confine-vct An environment to quickly create a virtual network of CONFINE nodes.

confine-testing Framework for the automation of CONFINE testing scenarios.

confine-tests Individual CONFINE integration tests.

confine-utils Assorted utilities for CONFINE.

confine-orm High level hypermedia client for CONFINE REST API.

confine-openwrt A local clone of the OpenWrt repo.

confine-packages A local clone of OpenWrt packages.

dropbox A repository to store any kind of data (no code) related with CONFINE (like photos, documents, etc.).

hardware-tests This repository contains the hardware-testing scripts used in the project. Refer to the readme and scripts for more details.

nodeDB The NodeDB Implementation.

Tapyr The node DB Framework.

sliver-backfire OpenWrt-based slivers.

Latest projects

  • OFX (02/10/2015 11:03 am)

    OFX - OpenFlow Experimental Platform

    OpenFlow overlay network built on top of the community-lab testbed to allow OpenFlow experiments in community networks.

    And an experiment: streaming of MPEG-DASH videos on top of OFX.

  • conflate-repo (11/28/2014 04:19 pm)

    CONFLATE open call repository

  • VXLAN (09/8/2014 11:28 am)

    [OBSOLETE - merged into OFX] CONFLATE VXLAN topology builder

  • CONFLATE (09/5/2014 02:52 pm)

    Open Call project

  • Getinconf-client (05/16/2014 02:26 pm)

    Client to configure a TincVPN network managed with getinconf.